Press Release

Give More – Get More

Throughout her extensive career, NJ gained corporate experience in all aspects of general Office Management, Sales and Account Management, Statutory Compliance, Risk and Asset Management. NJ was never one to simply sit around and wait for things to be handed to her. She was continually looking to find new, better and more efficient ways of doing things. Sound Sexy?   In reality, it had become a drain.  Without going into the many of the reasons that lead her to look elsewhere in the global arena of money making ventures, here is a summary of how NJ arrived at her Bliss. You will also be privy to decisions and actions that lead to the wonderful lifestyle NJ and her husband have created and share today with their extended families.

In 2012, friends of NJ and her husband shared some information with them. When the initial approach was put forward to investigate the “best opportunity on the planet”, NJ was in the process of completing an employment contract with Local Government.

The “best opportunity on the planet” turned out to be not the right “product opportunity” and although NJ couldn’t “fall in love” with the “the best opportunity on the planet” the business of “network marketing” was a standout and WOW – what a revelation. After being introduced to the Network Marketing, NJ became a student of the industry and began studying and collecting as much information (and there is plenty out there) to help propel her to success in the network marketing arena. It’s that simple – right?  After the initial rush of enthusiasm and excitement, reality set in. NJ had been collecting lots of information and gaining knowledge, but it wasn’t translating into the financial rewards as quickly as was expected.

Whoever said Network Marketing was “simple” but not “easy” was absolutely correct.

Finally, having found the right vehicle in the Network Marketing Industry in 2014, Jeunesse Global, NJ felt that her rise to various levels of achievement would be a cake walk. Great company, fantastic compensation plan, great people. What was holding her back?

Things weren’t quite as “simple” as she had expected them to be.  Going from a sometimes cushy, sometimes challenging (but emotionally unsatisfying) corporate, regular wage earning world,  to running a Global home based business, with no real live previous experience in the industry, threw up some unexpected mental and emotional challenges.

Like so many people who commence their journey in network marketing, NJ started to question  “can I do it“? She found herself comparing herself to other people who looked successful in the industry.  As NJ tells me, she would be “10 feet tall and bullet proof one day, then fearful, tearful and withdrawn” the next. To be caught in a whirlwind of emotions, doubt, self-sabotaging thoughts and even uncharacteristic behaviour, was completely unconstructive and unproductive. It was time to up the ante and make some serious decisions and commitments to achieving the richly desired rewards that had excited her when she was first introduced to the most exciting industry on the planet.

 AAAAAAGGGHHHHHH! Enough soul searching already!!!!!

In 2015, a few things happened.

NJ experienced a significant life event – a birthday with a “0” at the end. The impending event triggered exciting and scary emotions. I’m told that the conversations NJ was having with herself went something like;
It’s time to dig deep, put your big girl pants on, and do the work necessary to be successful in your industry of choice – Network Marketing or die“.  Pretty serious stuff!

Instead of having a big birthday bash, she invited her husband to join her at a 4 day intensive with Anthony Robbins in Sydney, Australia (NJ and her husband live in Melbourne, Australia). The 4 day intensive was the well knows – UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN.

NJ’s modus operandi for attending the event:
Attending an Anthony Robbins event as a couple could be a way to experience a break (breakthrough) from the norm and maybe, just maybe glean a few take homes to incorporate into their developing business plans.  This in turn could provide momentum to achieving their hearts desires – or not! They had to find out.

The die was cast. There was no turning back at this point. There was no way that NJ & Husband were not going to this event – together!

Interestingly, the few weeks before the Anthony Robbins event in September 2015, NJ had been watching the MKMMA introductory videos (She had been an observer of Mark J for a couple of years by this time), and decided to apply for the scholarship for an upcoming 2015 online scholarship program. Luckily, (labour under correct knowledge) she got in! The Anthony Robbins 4 day event finished on Sunday 27th September 2015 and the MKMMA commenced on Monday 28 September 2015. Coincidence???

The Anthony Robbins event confirmed what she and her husband already knew, and then some. NJ completed the fire walk along with 5,000 approx. others.

NJ noted: “Being in an auditorium for 4 days with 5,000 who were all totally pumped and enjoying the motivation being delivered was a unique experience and one that she and her husband will never forget“.

They will also never forget the upsells at every given opportunity throughout the 4 days. An individual could have walked away from the 2015 event having spent anywhere up to US$130K to attend more of the same, with a bit of a variation to the theme. Oh Boy! What a great money machine Mr Robbins has going on for him and his company.

Then MKMMA. And you know what. This is where subtle changes began to happen.

In NJ’s words:
It (the course) reminded me of things I already knew, but somewhere along the way had forgotten, misplaced or conveniently changed to suit the circumstances of my life at that time. Things like believing and trusting in your instincts. Trusting others. Having lots of fun while learning some important life changing information. Not taking yourself too seriously. Phew – what a relief to have it confirmed that you don’t have to be perfect to be successful in your chosen endeavours. Simply being your authentic self is OK.

What great fun the course was.  There was a lot of content, a lot of activities to complete, and extra time required to fulfil the requirements to maintain the MKMMA scholarship. I remember thinking, it is vital that you complete all of this course – it will challenge you and change the direction of your life”. And it did!

To say that NJ is grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the 2015 MKMMA course would be an understatement.

Being involved with the course, the wonderful facilitators and other members of the 2015 MKMMA gave the true vision of what was to unfold before their very eyes over the next few years as they worked on creating their dream life.

NJ and her husband now enjoy spending time with family and friends for special occasions throughout the year with no worry of time restraints. She says that a beautiful time of the year is at Christmas when the whole family gets together at an 8 Bedroom holiday on the coast of Australia or overseas to relax and celebrate the year past.

Was it simply good fortune that created this wonderful outcome?  NJ says you create your own good fortune.  Mindset, support, an amazing team, determination, highly focused work/activity and the correct vehicle is a great starting recipe.

A Happy Ending / Beginning
In 2020, NJ and her husband achieved their mid – long term financial goals set in 2015. If you’d like to find out more details on how to create your own life and achieve your dreams, feel free to attend a forum where NJ & her husband are regularly attendees.

In the immortal words of Mr Jim Rohn

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

The final words:

What a ride, and it’s only just begun“.