Week 21 – MKMMA – Farewell Scroll V

I live this day as if it is my last.

And what shall I do with this last precious day which remains in my keeping?
I have read these words (????) times during February, and each time I read this chapter, at some point during the read (not always the same point), I am moved or have an ah ha moment.

There are lots of reminders in this scroll about how best to use our time in constructive thought and activity or how lucky or fortunate we are.  I’ve loved it.

I’ve written the following at the top of scroll 6 and will get to read this for another whole month:

I avoid with fury the killers of time
Procrastination I destroy with action  (An area I need to work on)Doubt I bury under faith
Fear I dismember with confidence
Where there are idle mouths I listen not
Where there are idle hands I linger not
Where there are idle bodies I visit not

I always keep my promises.

My week 21 Franklin makeover word for the week was Courage. Nothing specific to relay, just that it was a great week and good things are happening.  I feel that I am becoming a better listener and am more “open to receive”. I’m less rushed, not less busy, just less rushed.  (That’s a very interesting observation I’ve just had of me. Thankyou.)

My week 22 Franklin makeover word  is Self Control.  Rather serendipitous for me that we changed to Scroll 6 this week – Today I will be master of emotions!

Have a great week!


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