Week 18 – MKMMA – Decisiveness

My Franklin Makeover virtue for MKMMA Week 18 – was Decisiveness. 

In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth. This is brought about through the law of attraction. This principle is the sole means by which the individual is differentiated from the Universal“.

I googled Individual vs Universal and found on the following website some interesting information.

The world is what you think it is. Every human being develops their own belief system, their own corresponding reality and their own consequential state of consciousness. This means that disagreement with others is the default state for every human being, until they discover how to create agreement.

How interesting that my husband and I are “occassionally” in disagreement.  Perhaps our belief systems, although similar are not totally in sync. How to create agreement.  Hmmmm.

To help the process along, I made a decision last week to book a couple of nights away to Inverloch, a sensational coastal town a couple of hours out of Melbourne, Australia.  It turned out to be a great decision.

Image result for picture of inverloch

Darren Hardy, author, key note speaker and Publisher of Success Magazine in a recent Darren Daily, nailed it.  He goes away to relax, recharge batteries, etc etc, so that he can come back refreshed and ready to go another round with the world.

A couple of days away can sometimes be the best thing you can do for your mental health.

Image result for picture of inverloch

Give it a try. I highly recommend it!

Have a great week.


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