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Week 4 – MKMMA – Maintaining the discipline

Another week has passed and I can’t help but think “where does the time go”.

For sometime now, I’ve written up “my perfect day”, and mapped out each hour of the day and how it would look if it were true.  I maintain this for a while, then “life” gets in the way.

My challenge is to identify and maintain a workable schedule congruent with achieving my goals.  It is my self discipline, passion and desire for what I truly want that will drive me to achieve my purpose and my goals.

Progress is being made and I always keep my promises.

Have a great week.



Week 3 – MKMMA – Maintaining the discipline

Another week has passed and YES, I have kept my MKMMA commitments.

October has been a  month (my birth month) with lots of social activity.  It’s not over yet, and there are still many fun things going on through to November (Melbourne Cup Carnival)  and then before we know it – Christmas!  There is a bunch of “stuff” to get done before Christmas rolls around, so this week, I plan to knuckle down and use my well developed organisational skills to prioritise and co-ordinate the projects that I must complete prior to “the silly season”.

Sometimes it feels like “the silly season” never finishes!  Just got to go with it really.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead.  In week 4, I promise I will spend more time on my Movie Trailer.

Have a great week.


WEEK 2 – MKMMA – Are you ready for this.


I was obliged to fulfil some important social and business plans committed to many months ago which involved flying to Sydney on Friday morning and returning to Melbourne late Monday night 4 October.

I was unable to participate in last week’s webinar, but I will make up for my absence this week.

I donned my headset on Tuesday to catch up with MKMMA W2 action.

My challenge for the week
Being a short and very busy week, I have had some challenges with competing business development priorities and deadlines.

MKMMA deadlines for activities/tasks has helped to prioritise and forced me to be accountable for completion of the MKMMA tasks.

Completing the readings has been a priority. I’m loving the messages provided through these written words – into my subby!!

Other priorities have fitted in and although at times I have felt a bit overwhelmed, by sitting for 15 minutes in the morning meditating, the most important items/activities/actions requiring attention come into focus. I find this a fascinating phenomenon when meditating. Simply take a 15-30 mins time out, sit quietly and breathe and voila – clarity. What could be simpler?

Would you believe another challenge has arisen today? Today is the day (Saturday 10 October – Aussie time) I had planned to catch up on all outstanding MKMMA activities for W2.

Our internet service provider Telstra shut its networks down for maintenance at around 10.00am this morning. I immediately thought of Force Majeure but then resisted this comfort to focus on finding a workaround. And I did. Yeah!!

Fulfilling my commitment to complete my weekly Blog just got a bit more interesting.

In summary, although the week has had its challenges, progress has been made. Thankfully, this is only W2 of MKMMA. Feeling empowered and optimistic. Do It Now! No excuses!

I look forward to joining the W3 Webinar.

Have a fabulous week.


Week 1 – MKMMA – The Journey Begins

Approx 10 months ago an associate of mine recommended Mark (The World’s Laziest Networker) as a person whose style of sharing information may be a fit for me.  What was he saying – I’m lazy?  Anyway, I subscribed to Mark and Davine’s e-mails and thoroughly enjoy the videos and have gained some valuable knowledge and insights from the content of the videos and e-mails. When I saw the MKMMA course was coming up, I made sure that I found out what was on offer with the course and once I’d done this, made the decision to go for it.  I was fortunate to be selected for the course, and here we go. Giddy UP!

“I hour approx. a day for 26 weeks”.  Pretty Simple?

Did I fully understand and appreciate what I was getting into by registering for MKMMA?  Maybe not entirely.  Nevertheless, when reviewing the details of the course, I could see that the content of the MKMMA was exactly what I’ve been seeking to add to my personal development/growth plan for what seems like an age.  I thought, “this is a way of being exposed to great information in a structured manner that I can comfortably(?) fit into my schedule. To say I am “ecstatic”  with the knowledge that I must be accountable to myself, and subsequently others by undertaking the course, would be an understatement.

This first week has been a challenge. My priorities are always changing and I must remain flexible.  (Not always easy) I am continually adjusting my schedule to accommodate the important tasks/things in my life. I consider the MKMMA to be a very important inclusion into my life and over the next 26 weeks, the MKMMA is scheduled as a priority in my day.

The information I have read this week has been uplifting, inspiring and soothing all at the same time. A Plan! Looking forward to more of the same.